• Arzach - The Novel

    Novel featuring Moebius' signature character published by iBooks. The book features a cover and inside illustrations by Moebius, and a map by Ladronn.

  • Basil, The Great Mouse Detective

    Children's novelization of the eponymous Walt Disney film.

  • City - The Screenplay

    A sci-fi thriller based on a classic French novel, evocative of Bladerunner and Mad Max.

  • Despair - The Screenplay

    A macabre horror story based on a classic French horror novel, illustrated by one of the designers of Gladiator.

  • Doc Ardan - The Abominable Snowman

    Anthology. Doc Ardan was created in 1928 by Guy d’Armen. This volume offers four original short stories plus twelve other stories assembled and edited by JM & Randy Lofficier.

  • Doc Ardan - The Fall of Inramonda

    Novel. Scientist and world-saving explorer Doctor Ardan was created in 1928, five years before Doc Savage, by French author Guy d’Armen. The Fall of Inramonda, originally published in 1935, has been adapted by the award-winning team of Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier.

  • Doctor Omega

    Novel. A classic novel of space/time travel by Arnould Galopin from 1906 adapted and retold by J-M. & R. Lofficier; Foreword by Terrance Dicks.

  • Doctor Omega and The Shadowmen

    Anthology. A collection of seventeen new Doctor Omega stories assembled and edited by JM & Randy Lofficier.

  • Doctor Who - The Nth Doctor (2nd ed.)

    Non-fiction. Current edition, 2003. In-depth exploration of the Doctor Who films that almost were, including detailed synopses and extracts from the scripts themselves, interviews with the writers.

  • The Dreamweavers

    Non-fiction. Interviews on the making of Buckaroo Banzai, Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China, Conan, The Dead Zone, etc.