• Michael Moorcock's Legends of the Multiverse

      Anthology. This volume features most of Moorcock's Eternal Champion characters, inclusing two stories written by Moorcock and sixteen more by some of America, England and France's best-loved fantasy writers , plus a foreword penned by Moorcock.

    • The Nyctalope Steps In

      Anthology.  A collection of 15 stories featuring France's premier pulp superhero from the 1920s and 1930s.

    • Return of the Nyctalope

      Novel. An all-new sequel by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier, in which the Nyctalope returns to Rhea as it is about to leave the Solar System, and comes to grips with his own past while charting out a bold map for the future of Humanity.

    • Robonocchio (English/French)

      Children's Book, bilingual edition (English/French). The classic Collodi tale recast in modern terms.

    • Sar Dubnotal - The Astral Trail

      Anthology. This collection includes one original, never translated before Sâr Dubnotal story and eleven exploits of the Great Psychagogue penned by seven modern masters of popular fiction, assembled and edited by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier.

    • The Shadow of Judex

      Anthology. Collection of 26 stories, 16 of which were written especially for this volume, by 15 of the best pulp writers from Australia, England, France and the United States, paying homage to this milestone of popular fiction.

    • Shadowmen 2: Heroes & Villains of French Comics

      Non-fiction. Biographies of the authors; fictional biographies of the characters; bibliographies and filmographies, including television, radio and comics; timelines and concordances; 150 b&w illustrations and an index.

    • Tales of the Hexagonverse 1: Mutations

      Anthology of all-new stories, featuring Heroes from the Hexagon Universe, assembled and edited by Romain d'Huissier and J.-M. Lofficier.