• Harry Dickson - The Man in Grey

      Novel. The Man in Grey was first published in France in 1911. It is one of the first Holmesian pastiches ever crafted. Penned by the creator of Doctor Omega, it is now being adapted and retold by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier and features a unique crossover between three legendary figures of popular fiction.

    • Hexagon #2: War of the Immortals

      Novel. Black Lys. Rakar. The Mysterious Archer. The Dark Flyer. Fred “Blackie” Sullivan. Ra. Together they form Hexagon, the world's most powerful team of superheroes! 

    • The Ice Company

      Novel. The Ice Company series is the sprawling saga of a future Earth in a new Ice Age. Mankind lives in domed cities, connected by extended rail networks, controlled by powerful companies which effectively rule the world.

    • The Many Faces of Arsène Lupin

      Anthology. Arsène Lupin, the prodigious gentleman-burglar created in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc, has become an enduring myth. This collection offers two, never before translated Arsène Lupin tales by Leblanc, plus nineteen other stories, assembled and edited by J/-M. & Randy Lofficier.

    • Night of the Nyctalope

      Anthology. Ac ollection of 17 stories featuring Leo Saint-Clair, France's premier pulp superhero from the 1920s and 1930s. 

    • The Nyctalope Steps In

      Anthology.  A collection of 15 stories featuring France's premier pulp superhero from the 1920s and 1930s.

    • Les Nouveaux Exploits de Rouletabille

      Short stories collection. Martin Gately donne ici une suite aux aventures du héros de Gaston Leroux, le jeune et intrépide journaliste Rouletabille.

    • The Phantom of the Opera

      Novel. This classic 1911 novel of suspense and terror has been entirely retranslated and is now unabridged and uncut. This edition also includes a new story about Erik's past by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier and a portfolio of 45 all new b&w illustrations by famous international artists.

    • Le Retour du Capitaine Vampire

      Short stories collection. L’écrivain britannique Brian Gallagher donne ici une suite aux aventures du Capitaine russe Boris Liatoukine, qui, en son temps, terrorisa la Roumanie.

    • Rouletabille and the Mystery of the Yellow Room

      Novel. The Mystery of the Yellow Room is presented here in a new, unabridged and uncut translation by JM & Randy Lofficier, with 30 pages of original material translated for the first time. It is the first novel starring the young crime-solving journalist Rouletabille.

    • The Top 100 Heroes from the Hexagon Universe

      Non-Fiction. From the first appearance of Zembla in 1963, to the recent successes of Strangers and Guardian of the Republic, the 70 year-old Hexagon Comics Universe demonstrates a true French passion for comics. But with so many characters, many of whom were created decades ago, where should a new reader start? How are they to disentangle the best from the anecdotal, the masterpiece from the ordinary?

    • The White Wolf

      Novel. In this 1843 novel, Paul Féval throws a light on a little known period of French history, while evidencing his fascination for criminal gangs and masterful villains.