DC, 1988

"A Symphony of Shadows"

Plotted by Lofficier (credited as "Ehrich Weiss"); Scripted by Roy Thomas; Rewritten by Robert Loren Fleming; Art by Tom Artis, P. Craig Russell, Grant Miehm & Fred Fredericks

This story was heavily revised prior to publication, hence the use of a pseudonym. In the original plot, NOMMO, a sorcerer from the Empire of Kor in Ancient Africa, (from H. Rider Haggard's "She") created the Flame of Life from the life forces gathered after the sinking of Atlantis. NOMMO later fought WOTAN (changed to FELIX FAUST by DC), unwittingly causing the destruction of Kor when he absorbed the full power of the Flame. Changing his name to DR. MIST, NOMMO embarked on a breeding plan to foster the creation of a race of sorcerers known as "Homo Magi". As part of his centuries- spanning scheme, DR. MIST created the various Stones of Power used by ARAK, SARGON, ZATARA, etc. and the GLOBAL GUARDIANS after World War II. ZATANNA is the final product of DR. MIST's plan for a perfect mate. But WOTAN (FELIX FAUST) returns to steal his power and revenge himself.