Strangers 8

STRANGERS 8: THE INVASION OF ATLANTIS by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Eduardo Garcia & Roberto Castro; cover by Eduardo Garcia.Contents:
- Foreword by J.-M. Lofficier
- Prologue by J.-M. Lofficier & Roberto Castro
- The Return of Kit Kappa by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Eduardo Garcia
- Assault on Atlantis by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Eduardo Garcia
- Epilog by J.-M. Lofficier & Roberto Castro
In search of HOMICRON, RITA TOWER, JOANNI BOURASK and the ZORR-KO travel to Tibet where the mysterious COUNT SAINT-GERMAIN enlists their help to protect the hidden city of the Mohenjo Dar. Its sole defender is the formidable KIT KAPPA, but without the STRANGERS’ help, will he be able to repel the dreaded DOCTOR CYBERNAC, in his quest to seize the secrets of Atlantis which are being kept there?
Can SAINT-GERMAIN fulfill the mission entrusted to him by TANKA and safeguard the last component of the KERA WEAPON from the diabolical MALEFICUS and his master, the sinister KRUGE, almighty Lord of Twilight?
Ultimately, it is not in the PRESENT, but in the PAST, in ATLANTIS herself, that TANKA and his STRANGERS will have to thwart KRUGE and his scheme to rewrite the course of history...
The conclusion of the STRANGERS’ epic cosmic quest approaches in this frantic mix of martial arts and science fiction, full of action and twists through space and time, remarkably orchestrated by writer Jean-Marc Lofficier and artist Eduardo García.

7x10 squarebound trade paperback, 102 p. b&w
ISBN 978-1-64932-148-0. US$12.95.

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