Strangers 0

STRANGERS 0: OMENS & ORIGINS by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier and JM Arden, Luciano Bernasconi, JJ Dzialowski, Chris Malgrain, Reed Man, Svart, cover by Alfredo Macall.

- #1. Tanka: Origins + Wampus: Interlude in Manhattan
- #2. The Bronze Gladiator: Origins
- #3. Frank Universal: The Necromancer's Castle + The Return of Starlock
- #4. Futura: The Other Side of the World
- #5. A Game of Chess

Was the Bronze Gladiator deliberately drawn to Earth to fight Wampus? 

How did Tanka come to inherit the powers of an Invariant? 

What are the origins of the mysterious Futura? 

What terrible danger did Frank Universal and Sally Swift face in the Necromancer's castle? 

And how did Starlock free himself from the evil clutches of S.P.I.D.E.R.? 

The seven stories collected in this volume are more than mere prologues, but form an integral part of the vast space-time saga of the STRANGERS, revealing for the first time the secrets that led to the formation of the strangest superhero group of all time.

7x10 tpb, 128 pages color
ISBN 978-1-61227-396-9 - US$29.95 / GBP 19.99

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