Pacifica (Vol. 1) 

by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier
cover by Mike Hoffman

US$22.95/GBP 14.99
5x8 tpb, 300 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-935558-29-3

The short stories included in this collection are like bottles thrown into the vast ocean, each containing a fragment of a universe inside... The Justice League... The Prisoner... The Shadowmen... Madame Atomos... The Red Death... From long-lost Hyperborea to The Village, from ancient Carnac to Apokolips, from Deep Space Nine to the Paris Opera, the walls between the worlds of fiction crumble and fantasies become reality... These legends from Otherwhere and Elsewhen have finally come to rest on the virtual beach of that utopia that stretches from Mexico to Canada and welcomes all dreams and dreamers... PACIFICA.


Ancestral Feud
The Last Party on Earth
To Carnac and Beyond
Private Hell
Dark Dream, Dark Beauty
Forever Nadia (The Prisoner)
Encounter at Night (The Prisoner/Doctor Who)
Acid Test (The Prisoner/Avengers)
A Change of Mind Revisited (The Prisoner/The Saint)
The Quatermass Interlude (The Prisoner/Quatermass)
Rumpole of the Village (The Prisoner/Rumpole)
Superfriends: Apokolips Now! (teleplay)
The Real Ghostbusters: The Ghostbusters in Paris (teleplay)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Mudd's Pets (script)
Phenix : The Red Box (comics) (from Phenix 1)
Kabur: Young Kabur (comics) (from Kabur 1)
Tongue*Lash: A Game of Pitzal
Tongue*Lash: Second Encounter
The Flames of Meldoch (Mars, left out from Edgar Allan Poe on Mars)
My Life As a Shadowman (from Tales of the Shadowmen 3)
The Tarot of Fantômas (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
Lost and Found (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
Marguerite (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
Figaro's Children (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
His Father's Eyes (from The Phantom of the Opera)
The Star Prince (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
The Reluctant Princess (from Tales of the Shadowmen 4)
The English Gentleman's Ball (from Tales of the Shadowmen 5)
Arsène Lupin's Christmas (from Tales of the Shadowmen 2)
Arsène Lupin Arrives Too Late (from The Blonde Phantom)
The Unkindest Cut (from The Blonde Phantom)
Escape Not the Thunderbolt (from The Hollow Needle)
Journey to the Center of Chaos (from Tales of the Shadowmen 1)
The Murder of Randolph Carter (from Tales of the Shadowmen 3)
The Clay Dogs (from The Katrina Protocol)
Women, Fools and Serpents (from The Katrina Protocol)
Sacred Monster (from The Katrina Protocol)
Don't Throw Granny to the Xhlingniarf (from The Katrina Protocol)
Madame Atomos' XMas (from Tales of the Shadowmen 4)
Madame Atomos' Holidays (from Tales of the Shadowmen 5)
Cal of Terra: The Artefact
Cal of Terra: E Pur Su Muove...

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