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 Books - English

December 2022 (Black Coat Press) - TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN #19: DEMI-MONDE edited by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier. cover by Aurelien Maccarelli. 280 p. US$22.95.
stories by Tim Newton Anderson, Matthew Baugh, Atom Mudman Bezecny, Matthew Dennion, Brian Gallagher, Martin Gately, Travis Hiltz, Rick Lai, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, Rod McFadyen, Nigel Malcolm, Christofer Nigro, John Peel, Anthony Perconti, Jean-Paul Raymond, Frank Schildiner and David L. Vineyard. 

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 Books - French

January 2023 (Riviere Blanche) - LES COMPAGNONS DE L'OMBRE 30. Anthology edited by Jean-Marc Lofficier; cover by Ladrönn. Léonox projette de ressusciter la Chose d'un Autre Monde... Fantômas défie la puissance de SPECTRE... La Comtesse Cagliostro sème la mort autour d'elle... Les Morlocks ernvahissent Paris au 19ème siècle... Le Docteur Cornélius affronte un mystérieux télépathe... Robur le Conquérant arrive au Dahomey... Madame Palmyre joue aux échecs avec Antinéa...

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 Comics - English

November 2022 (Hexagon Comics USA) - STRANGERS #9: THE FALL OF ATLANTIS. by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art & cover by Alfredo Macall. Additional art by Gabriel Mayorga, Manuel Martin Peniche, Juan Roncagliolo Berger. Will the Towers prove true to their word and release Starlock? Will Homicron return in time to help her fellow Strangers? Will Atlantis fall as it was preordained? All our heroes are on stopping the evil Twilight Lord Kruge from using the all-powerful weapon Kera to rewrite the course of history. Starlock, Starcyb, Homicron, Tanka, Count Saint-Germain, Dick Demon, Kit Kappa, the Zorr-ko, the Time Brigade and more are fighting a hopeless battle to thwart Kruge’s mad plan. But what if the weapon had its own plans? Suddenly, it is no longer only the history of Earth which hangs in the balance, but that of the entire universe! 

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 Comics - French

December 2022 (Hexagon Comics France) - HOLIDAYS SPECIAL 2022. GUARDIAN OF THE REPUBLIC / JESS PUMA / CAPTAIN GIROFLÉE. Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier. Art by Roberto Castro, Martin Espinoza. Cover by Roberto Castro.
La veille de Noël, le GARDE RÉPUBLICAIN est projeté dans le "reflet" de Paris par JESS PUMA et ROXY et doit joindre ses efforts aux leurs afin d'empêcher le monstre SHRESS d'envahir la capitale. Le GARDE et le Capitaine GIROFLÉE unissent leurs forces pour défaire le megalomane Erik Purin-Zamor et son associé, le moine fou Filippo Labattoir, qui coulent les chalutiers anglais dans La Manche...…

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May 2019. LA VIE SELON STAN. 52-min documerntary directed by Thibaut Bertrand; written by Jean-Marc Lofficier; produced by Canal+ & Otago. A portrait of Stan Lee and the social and political influence of the Marvel Comics universe on American society.

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 Translations - Books

May  2022 (Black Coat Press) - FRENCH TALES OF CATACLYSMS. Stories by Georges Bethuys, Raoul Bigot, Camille Debans, Henri Falk, Alfred Franklin, Louis Gallet, Maurice Leblanc, Eugène Mouton, René Pujol, J.-H. Rosny Aîné, Colonel Royet and Pierre Véron; translated by Brian Stableford (with the exception of The Tremendous Event); edited by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier; cover by Mike Hoffman. 420 pages.

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 Translations - Comics

March 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) -BABY CYANIDE +  LORDS OF THE DEPTHS #3: OCEANIA. Baby Cyanide was the second major character created by Jean-Claude Forest, after Barbarella. Originally published in 1965, this colorful, planetary fantasy tale of two orphans stranded in a whimsical universe, relying only on their wits to survive the most extravagant adventures, became an instant classic. In Oceania (1972), drawn by Leone Frollo, two members of the Bathy teams discover an Atlantean outpost and help its inhabitants fight an evil tyrant. In Marino (1974), drawn by Pierluigi Sangalli, a young orphan discovers that he can breathe underwater, meets two young Atlanteans, and fights alongside them against the evil Sirenids. 

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March 2023 (Black Coat Press) -THE ILLUSTRATED SHAMBLEAU - story by Catherine L. Moore -art by Jean-Claude Forest - foreword by Jean-Marc Lofficier. Shambleau was the first in a series of stories featuring Northwest Smith, and originally appeared in the November 1933 issue of Weird Tales. Its author, Catherine L. Moore, was among the first women to write in the science fiction and fantasy genres. In 1955, a French translation of Shambleau was published in the French “V” magazine, illustrated by Jean-Claude Forest, then one of France’s premier science fiction artists.

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Comics Characters created, co-created or re-created...

During the many years Jean-Marc & Randy worked in American comics (as "R.J.M. Lofficier), often in collaboration with great writers such as Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein and Gerry Conway, they have created, co-created and re-created a number of popular characters, as well as a few obscure ones (such as Marvel's buccaneer, CAPTAIN TYGER (right). Discover below lists of the characters they worked on:


April 2023 (Black Coat Press) - THE HANDBOOK OF FRENCH FANTASTIC CINEMA by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier; cover by Colette Forest.
April 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) - KABUR: THE RED STAR. Story by J.-M. Loffi cier; Art by Mike Ratera; adapted by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier; cover by Mike Ratera.
May 2023 (Black Coat Press) - THE HANDBOOK OF FRENCH FANTASTIC RADIO & TELEVISION by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier; cover by Anonymous.
May 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) - GUARDIAN OF THE REPUBLIC: SPECIAL UNDERGROUND ISSUE. Story by J.-M. Loffi cier; Art by Jim Dandy; Martin Espinoza; cover by Jim Dandy.
May 2023 (Hexagon Comics France) - KABUR #34: LA NAISSANCE DE LA NATRICE. Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier; Art by José Luis Ruiz Pérez; cover by Roberto Castro.


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