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 Books - English

May 2023 (Black Coat Press) - THE HANDBOOK OF FRENCH FANTASTIC RADIO & TELEVISION . cover by Anonymous. VIDEO WATCHDOG (Tim LUCAS) "...the instant I saw it, I knew that it was going to fill a major void in my library. I've just spent the last hour perusing it with admiration... It's an awe-inspiring survey of the history of French fantastique in all its forms... I've been saying for years, even though the French were responsible for starting it all, that there really has been no French tradition of the fantastic, but the completeness of this book is going to make me eat my words."  

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 Books - French

January 2023 (Riviere Blanche) - LES COMPAGNONS DE L'OMBRE 30. Anthology edited by Jean-Marc Lofficier; cover by Ladrönn. Léonox projette de ressusciter la Chose d'un Autre Monde... Fantômas défie la puissance de SPECTRE... La Comtesse Cagliostro sème la mort autour d'elle... Les Morlocks ernvahissent Paris au 19ème siècle... Le Docteur Cornélius affronte un mystérieux télépathe... Robur le Conquérant arrive au Dahomey... Madame Palmyre joue aux échecs avec Antinéa...

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 Comics - English

May 2023 (Hexago  Comics USA) - GUARDIAN OF THE REPUBLIC SPECIAL UNDERGROUND ISSUE. Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art & cover by Jim Dandy, Mike Espinoza. GUARDIAN/ LUNATIC LEGION: The new MOOKS GANG poses a terrifying threat to the French Republic. Only the LUNATIC LEGION is capable of stopping them and the fearless GUARDIAN is enlisted to lend them a hand! GUARDIAN/CAPTAIN GIROFLÉE: The GUARDIAN joins forces with CAPTAIN GIROFLÉE to defeat the megalomaniac BOIL and his creature, the RED LOBSTER, who are sinking English trawlers in the English Channel.

 Comics - French

May 2023 (Hexagon Comics France) - STRANGERS UNIVERSE #11: WAMPUS - NOUVEAUX EXPLOITS (2). Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; Art & cover by Luciano Bernasconi.

Couverture: Luciano Bwernasconi.  Le Pog de Montségur, par J.-M. Lofficier et Bernasconi, présenté ici en couleur pour la première fois, voit Wampus retrouver Maddalena et affronter le mystérieux Cavalier du Temps. Les Supérieurs. par J.-M. Lainé et Bernasconi, est un épisode inédit qui révèle pour la première fois comment Wampus a jadis attaqué la planète Aréna.

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May 2019. LA VIE SELON STAN. 52-min documerntary directed by Thibaut Bertrand; written by Jean-Marc Lofficier; produced by Canal+ & Otago. A portrait of Stan Lee and the social and political influence of the Marvel Comics universe on American society.

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 Translations - Books

May  2022 (Black Coat Press) - FRENCH TALES OF CATACLYSMS. Stories by Georges Bethuys, Raoul Bigot, Camille Debans, Henri Falk, Alfred Franklin, Louis Gallet, Maurice Leblanc, Eugène Mouton, René Pujol, J.-H. Rosny Aîné, Colonel Royet and Pierre Véron; translated by Brian Stableford (with the exception of The Tremendous Event); edited by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier; cover by Mike Hoffman. 420 pages.

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 Translations - Comics

March 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) -BABY CYANIDE. Baby Cyanide was the second major character created by Jean-Claude Forest, after Barbarella. Originally published in 1965, this colorful, planetary fantasy tale of two orphans stranded in a whimsical universe, relying only on their wits to survive the most extravagant adventures, became an instant classic...

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March 2023 (Black Coat Press) -THE ILLUSTRATED SHAMBLEAU - story by Catherine L. Moore -art by Jean-Claude Forest - foreword by Jean-Marc Lofficier. Shambleau was the first in a series of stories featuring Northwest Smith, and originally appeared in the November 1933 issue of Weird Tales. Its author, Catherine L. Moore, was among the first women to write in the science fiction and fantasy genres. In 1955, a French translation of Shambleau was published in the French “V” magazine, illustrated by Jean-Claude Forest, then one of France’s premier science fiction artists.

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Comics Characters created, co-created or re-created...

During the many years Jean-Marc & Randy worked in American comics (as "R.J.M. Lofficier), often in collaboration with great writers such as Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein and Gerry Conway, they have created, co-created and re-created a number of popular characters, as well as a few obscure ones (such as Marvel's buccaneer, CAPTAIN TYGER (right). Discover below lists of the characters they worked on:


June 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) - STRANGERS #10: ENTER MR. 17. Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Alfredo Macall, Manuel Martin Peniche; cover by Alfredo Macall.
June 2023 (Hexagon Comics France) - GARDE REPUBLICAIN SPECIAL VACANCES 2023. Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Miguel Yzaguirre; Martin Esoinoza; cover by José Luis Ruiz Pérez.
July 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) - KABUR #5: ARIANROD. Stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Manuel Martin Peniche, Juan Roncagliolo Berger; cover by Philippe Xavier.
July 2023 (Hexagon Comics France) - KABUR #34: LA NAISSANCE DE LA NATRICE. Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by José Luis Ruiz Pérez; cover by Roberto Castro.


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