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 Books - English

December 2023 (Black Coat Press) - THE LAST TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN #20: FIN DE SIÈCLE . edited by J-M. & R. Lofficier. cover by Raphael Del Rosario. stories by Jason Scott Aiken, Tim Newton Anderson, Jean-Michel Archaimbault, Matthew Baugh, Atom Mudman Bezecny, Thom Brannan, Nathan Cabaniss, Bill Cunningham, Matthew Dennion, Paul Di Filippo, Brian Gallagher, John Gallagher, Martin Gately, Lex Gil, Micah S. Harris, Travis Hiltz, Riley Hogan, Matthew Ilseman, Rick Lai, Roman Leary, Sean Lee Levin, Jean-Marc Lofficier, David McDonald, Rod McFadyen, Nigel Malcolm, Xavier Mauméjean, William Patrick Maynard & Anna Victoria Maynard, Jess Nevins, Christofer Nigro, John Peel, Neil Penswick, Anthony Perconti, Dennis E. Power, Pete Rawlik & Sal Ciano, Josh Reynolds, Chris Roberson, Robert L. Robinson, Jr., Frank Schildiner, Artikel Unbekannt, Nathalie Vidalinc, David L. Vineyard. essays & reminiscences by Stephen R. Bissette, Win Scott Eckert, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gelzer, Robin Hobb, Stephen Jones, K.A. Laity, Randy Lofficier, Tim Lucas, Frank J. Morlock, Kim Newman, Sharan Newman, Henry Lion Oldie, David J. Schow, Michael Shreve, John Skipp, Brian Stableford, Antifas de Torquemada, Rob Walton, Lance Weiler, Douglas E. Winter, Thomas Yeates.  

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 Books - French

November 2023 (Rivière Blanche) - HARRY DICKSON ET LA SANGSUE ROUGE. edited by J-M. & R. Lofficier. cover by Mike Hoffman. stories by Atom Bezecny, Nicholas Boving, Bill Cunningham, Matthew Dennion, Martin Gately, Travis Hiltz, Paul Hugli, Nigel Malcolm, Jean-Marc Mouiller, Neal Penswick, Jean-Paul Raymond and Michel Stephan; edited by J.-M. Lofficier; cover by Mike Hoffman. Dans les brumes humides de Londres, Harry Dickson combat des monstres tels Gurrhu, l’Araignée et la Gorgone. Mais fort heureusement, il peut compter sur l’aide de champions tels le Sâr Dubnotal, Bulldog Drummond, Fascinax, Sexton Blake, Richard Wentworth...

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 Comics - English

December 2023 (Hexagon Comics USA) - STRANGERS #11: FINALLY... ZEMBLA! Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier;  art by José Luis Ruiz Pérez, Nestor Vargas; cover by José Luis Ruiz Pérez. In this eleventh volume of Strangers, the heroes clash with the renegade Salamandrite known only as Mr. 17, to prevent the return of his alien masters, the Wan Lords, whom Kabur once defeated in the distant past. First, they travel to the African jungle of Karunda, and then to a secret research facility in the South of France, to stop Mr. 17 from using dimensional gateways to bring the space vampires to Earth. Special guest-stars: The Guardian of the Republic! Zembla! And the amazing Attaturkey!

 Comics - French

STRANGERS 6.6 - Story: Jean-Marc Lofficier - Art & cover: Manuel Loaza.
La Guerre des Cathédrales se poursuit à travers le temps et l'espace... Cette fois, ce sont les origines et la vie secrète de Babette qui sont révélées, ainsi que son rôle dans ladite Guerre... Avec en vedettes extraordinaires: Phénix, Zembla, l'Agent sans Nom, le Pilote Noir et Doc Sullivan!

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May 2019. LA VIE SELON STAN. 52-min documerntary directed by Thibaut Bertrand; written by Jean-Marc Lofficier; produced by Canal+ & Otago. A portrait of Stan Lee and the social and political influence of the Marvel Comics universe on American society.

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 Translations - Books

October 2022 (Black Coat Press) - FRENCH TALES OF MAD SCIENTISTS 1. Stories by André Caroff, Georges Espitallier, Henri Falk, Arnould Galopin, Gustave Le Rouge and Jules Verne. Translated by Brian Stableford (with the exception of Dr. Ox's Experiment). Edited by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier. Cover by Stephan Martiniere. In this thematic collection we have gathered six remarkable stories published between 1874 and 1964, that encapsulate the basic archetypes of the mad scientist: he is obsessed with his research; he develops innovative technologies at the cutting edge of his era’s knowledge, often out of sheer daring; he appears to be lacking in common sense; he likes to play God without realizing the consequences of his actions.

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 Translations - Comics

February 2024 (Hexagon Comics USA) - STRANGERS ORIGINS: TANKA.  Story & Art by Yves Mondet. Translation by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier; cover by Stephen R. Bissette. In this issue, discover the first adventure of Tanka originally published in April 1967: The Tomb of the Sacred Scarab, in which the young jungle lord foils the plans of a tomb raider. Created by popular artist Yves Mondet, Tanka went on to have a long career in the 1960s and 70s, before eventually becoming the leader of the Strangers in a new incarnation that started in the early 2000s. But this is where it all started!

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February 2024. (Black Coat Press). DR. CORNELIUS VS COUNTESS PETROVSKA by Brian Gallagher. Foreword. The fate of the mysterious criminal mastermind known as Dr. Cornelius was left uncertain at the end of Gustave Le Rouge's 1913 classic The Mysterious Doctor Cornelius. Now, Brian Gallagher reveals how the diabolical Doctor escaped justice, selling his surgical skills to whomever pays best.

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Comics Characters created, co-created or re-created...

During the many years Jean-Marc & Randy worked in American comics (as "R.J.M. Lofficier), often in collaboration with great writers such as Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein and Gerry Conway, they have created, co-created and re-created a number of popular characters, as well as a few obscure ones (such as Marvel's buccaneer, CAPTAIN TYGER (right). Discover below lists of the characters they worked on:


April 2024 (Black Coat Press) - FRENCH TALES OF MAD SCIENTISTS VOL. 2.  stories by Michel Corday, André Couvreur, ,Jules Janin, Maurice Renard, Esward Rod and Jacques Spitz. translated by Brian Stableford. edited by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier. cover by Stephan Martiniere.
April 2024 (Hexagon Comics France) - STRANGERS 6.7. Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier. Art by Martin Espinoza & Eduardo Garcia. Cover by Eduardo Garcia.
May 2024 (Hexagon Comics France) - STRANGERS 6.8. Story by Jean-Marc Lofficier. Art by Gabriel Mayorga. Cover by Alfredo Macall.


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