Oedipus & Rex

The Story of a Boy Psychoanalyst and his Pet Turtle

Series Concept by Randy Lofficier
Art by Paul G. Somers

OEDIPUS & REX is the story of a boy psychoanalyst and his turtle. OEDIPUS’ dad is a famous psychiatrist. Like many kids, OEDIPUS goes through life "psychoanalyzing" other kids. His number one patient is his pet turtle REX, the most neurotic reptile in the world. Subject to constant analysis by OEDIPUS, REX believes he is channeling the spirit of GREAT CHOMPER, a brontosaurus from the Pleistocene Era.

OEDIPUS & REX is one of several properties developed jointly with and featuring the talent of cartoonist Paul G. SOMERS. It was developed for series for ABC TELEVISION in 1996, but eventually shelved following the Disney take-over. All rights are currently available.