NIGHTSPEEDER - When Mind Meets Matter

NIGHTSPEEDER follows the adventures of "nightspeeder" (starship pilot) Finn and her holographic navigator LIZARDO as they carry 4,000 emigrating humans through hyperspace to the new colony of Deneb Three. Endangering the trip are a mysterious being known only as YAMA, and the RAKASHAS, evil entities from beyond space who attempt to keep Finn in "hyperfugue" -- a disruptive state of mind that overcomes hyperspace travelers -- thereby threatening the lives of all aboard.

NIGHTSPEEDER is scripted by award-winning science fiction writers EMMA BULL & WILL SHETTERLY ("War for the Oaks," "Bone Dance," "Finder," "Elsewhere," "Never Never," "Dogland," etc.), and designed by renowned British artist KEVIN O'NEILL ("Judge Dredd," "Nemesis," "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," etc.)

NIGHTSPEEDER is produced by Randy LOFFICIER, an award-winning writer who has sold several live-action and animated screenplays, and has worked in animation since 1980.