History of the Hexagon Universe

This limited series of illustrated articles tells the story of the Lug/Hexagon Universe, and of its many heroes, from the Dawn of Time to the End of Time.

The articles are illustrated by art excerpted from the various series it features, and accompanied by bibliographies of all the series mentioned, and their creators.

1. L'Aube des Temps (The Dawn of Time)
in Special-Rodeo No. 175 (SEMIC, April 2002)

2. L'Age de Kabur (The Age of Kabur)
in Special-Zembla No. 166 (SEMIC, May 2002)

3. Le Grand Cataclysme (The Great Cataclysm)
in Kiwi No. 566 (SEMIC, June 2002)

4. La Chute d'Atlantis (The Fall of Atlantis)
in Rodeo No. 611 (SEMIC, July 2002)

5. Les Héritiers d'Avalon (The Heirs of Avalon)
in Kiwi No. 568 (SEMIC, August 2002)

6. Le Sang du Dragon (The Blood of the Dragon)
in Rodeo No. 613 (SEMIC, Sept. 2002)

7. Le Temps des Epées (The Time of the Swords)
in Yuma No. 3 (SEMIC, Oct. 2002)

8. Par l'Acier et le Feu (By Steel and Fire)
in Special-Zembla No. 169 (SEMIC, Nov. 2002)

9. Les Clairons de la Révolution (The Trumpets of the Revolution)
in Special-Rodeo No. 179 (SEMIC, Dec. 2002)

10. Les Pistoleros (The Gunslingers)
in Rodeo No. 617 (SEMIC, Jan. 2003)

11. L'Odeur de la Poudre (The Smell of Gunpowder)
in Special-Rodeo No. 180 (SEMIC, Feb. 2003)

12. A la Lumière des Lampes à Gaz (Under the Light of Gaslamps)
in Rodeo No. 619 (SEMIC, Mar. 2003)

13. De Verdun à Hiroshima (From Verdun to Hiroshima)
in Special-Rodeo No.181 (SEMIC, Apr. 2003)

14. La Guerre des Ombres (The Shadow Wars)
in Mustang No. 310 (SEMIC, May 2003)

15. Le Crime Ne Paie Pas (Crime Does Not Pay)
in Kiwi No. 578 (SEMIC, June 2003)

16. Le Matin des Magiciens (Morning of the Magicians)
in Mustang No. 311 (SEMIC, July 2003)

17. Les Plus Qu'Humains (More than Human)
in Yuma No. 8 (SEMIC, August 2003)

18. La Prochaine Génération (The Next Generation)
in Mustang No. 312 (SEMIC, Sept 2003)

19. Les Siècles Futurs (Future Centuries)
in Yuma No. 9 (SEMIC, Oct 2003)

20. La Fin des Temps (The End of Time)
in Mustang No. 313 (SEMIC, Nov 2003)